Looking to save time on your next boiler job?

Plumbers’ Supply Company is now offering Pre-Fabricated Manifolds for your boiler installation needs.  Equipped with ECM Circulator Pumps (Zone Valves available, if you prefer) and a Caleffi DirtMag® Air Separator, these manifolds come available in two to six zone applications.  Each manifold has the primary and secondary piping configured with the relay panel tied into the circulator pump.  All you will need to do is tie in your supply & return lines and run power to the relay panel.  We also offer custom fabrications that allow you to interchange components or create a more advanced manifold setup.

Interested in using one of these manifolds on your next job? Contact Ramon Andino [email protected], Steve Smith [email protected], or your local Plumbers’ Supply branch.

This service is only available to trade accounts in good standing.

Customized this 2-Zone Manifold with an indirect and primary pump built right in. This addition to the manifold saved even more time for the contractor. 1” piping was also requested for both the indirect and supply & return zones.

Unique situation where the manifold could not exceed 62” in height. This custom 5-Zone Taco Zone Valve Manifold came in under 5’ giving the contractor ample room to get in and get out of a tight basement job.

Our standard 3-Zone Taco ECM Circulator Pump Manifold.  It comes pressure tested with a 1-¼” primary loop, ¾” supply & return zones, Caleffi DISCALDIRTMAG® separator, and space saving Zimlet expansion tank.  All pumps come prewired back to the zone panel.

Custom component 4-Zone Circulator Pump Manifold. The contractor preferred using Grundfos ECM Circulator Pumps with a Caleffi Zone Relay, so we made it happen!

HUGE custom manifold job and super clean! This manifold, equipped with two injection pumps, feeds four zones of quick track radiant, one zone of concrete radiant in the garage, and two hydro-air units. The boiler, indirect, and manifold were all field installed saving the contractor at least an entire day of labor.

Our 1st Prefabricated Manifold. We have made many changes to the size and layout to benefit installation. Versatile supply & return and water feed connections allow for solder, press or pex applications.

Perfect fit for a tight installation! This 2-Zone Taco ECM Circulator Pump Manifold made for a more accessible and easier installation. A nice before and after perspective to show how beneficial these prefabricated manifolds are.